The Hardest Parts About Living Plastic-Free


Living Plastic Free

If living with less plastic was easy, everyone would be doing it. We all know on an intellectual level that plastic is harming the environment, but it’s so prolific in our lives that replacing it can be tough.

While we want everyone reading this to make the shift to living with less plastic, we also want to be as honest as possible about what living this lifestyle is like.

Living plastic-free can be a tough transition, but everyone who is doing it will tell you that it’s also extremely rewarding, both for yourself and for what you’re doing for our planet.

1. Finding alternative products

One of the hardest parts about living plastic-free is finding replacements for all of the products you buy that contain plastic. This includes products that are made out of plastic and products that come in plastic containers.

When you start digging into the products you buy, you will find that an alarming amount come in plastic containers or are either partially or fully made with plastic. Not only does this speak to just how big of a problem this is for our environment, but it also means that it will take some time for you to go fully plastic-free.

2. Making your own alternative products

Sometimes, you won’t be able to find ready-made alternatives to your plastic-containing products. This is where DIY (do-it-yourself) comes into play.

You may need to make your own lotions, grow your own fruits/veggies, and DIY other replacement products.

3. Building and maintaining the plastic-free habit

It’s easy to buy and use plastic products. It can be harder to find replacements for them.

So, naturally, it can be difficult to build and maintain the plastic-free habit, because falling back to your old ways seems easier.

But just like sticking to a healthy diet and exercise routine, the benefits of living plastic-free are so profound that it makes sticking to the habit more than worth it.

4. Keeping it up despite pressure from friends, family, etc

Most people who start living with less plastic don’t anticipate this happening, but it is a very real result of making the lifestyle change.

There can be pressure from people in your social circle to use or buy plastic products when you’re out with them. They may not fully understand why you’re trying to live with less plastic, so they’re not taking it as seriously as you are.

Because these people are close to you, this pressure can become uncomfortable. But as long as you remember why you’re making the shift to living plastic-free, and you stick to it, they will respect you for it.

5. Not worrying about offending other people with your lifestyle change

When people see others living a different lifestyle, they automatically compare it to their own. If they feel like you are trying to be “better” than them in some way, they may feel offended when you maintain your boundaries and refuse plastic-containing products.

Don’t allow this to hinder you from living the lifestyle you want to live. You’re doing nothing to offend them, so it’s their issue. Continue living the way you feel is right for you.

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