5 Natural Materials in Home Building

Fiber Cement Siding

Home design using natural materials is beautiful.


Fiber cement siding is the building material of choice for new construction homes, and it’s a great way to give your home a new look with materials that are designed for the modern world but give your home a classic charm that will instantly make your house feel more like a home.

Fiber cement siding gives you the look of beautiful wood without the risks of warping, insect damage or fire. It looks a lot nicer than plastic based siding and it’s more durable. With many color choices in paint or stain to choose from you can find a color that will suit your tastes and fit into the look of your neighborhood easily. The durability of this material makes the cost a smart investment in your home since you won’t need to replace or redo the siding as often as you would with traditional siding.

Modified Wood



Modified wood can be used for many different home renovation projects from beautiful decking to a gorgeous wood façade for your home. Modified wood is real wood, so it gives your home, deck or roof the beauty that only real wood can provide. But this wood has been treated with a bioliquid to enhance the strength and durability of the wood. The process of treating the wood is environmentally friendly and uses no toxic chemicals or substances. The enhanced wood is impervious to insect damage and other problems that usually accompany the use of wood in the home. And it’s also much more durable than untreated wood so that your home will continue to look stunning for many years. Just regular cleaning will keep modified wood looking great.

Bamboo Panels

If you want to radically change the look inside your home, bamboo panels are a fabulous way to do it. Peel and stick bamboo panels are easy to install even if you’re not someone that is very handy when it comes to home projects. Natural bamboo panels will bring that element of nature and outdoors inside your home to promote serenity and a feeling of connection with nature.

Bamboo panels come in many colors and can be fit into almost any area of the home. They also provide natural soundproofing, which makes them ideal for creative spaces, media rooms, and kids rooms.

Hardwood Plywood

Hardwood plywood is a fantastic way to renovate your kitchen without spending a fortune. Hardwood plywood can be used to create millwork accents throughout the home and to give cabinets and counters a gorgeous upgrade. Natural wood gives warmth and balance to a home. So if you want to get rid of that sterile feeling in your builder grade kitchen or add some dramatic impact to your wall, natural plywood is a great way to do that. It’s definitely not your grandmother’s wood paneling. You can choose from dark rich finishes or light birch and pine-shaded wood so that you can create dark and cozy offices or bedrooms or lighten up a dark dining room or living room.

Steel Log Siding

If you have always wanted a charming natural looking log cabin but don’t want the hassles of constant upkeep and maintenance steel log siding can totally transform your home for a low cost. Steel log siding is strong and durable but has the beautiful cozy look of natural wood logs. You can turn your home into a true natural retreat by replacing the current siding with wood look steel log siding.

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