CURRENT ECONOMIC OUTLOOK Overall, U.S. homeowners are optimistic about the next twelve months. 60% of homeowners take the state of the economy into consideration before making renovation plans, and 61% feel confident the economy is improving. Additionally, 55% of our respondents think home values will increase as well over the next year. While President Trump can be a controversial topic, only 28% report taking the presidential administration into consideration before… Read Article →

Home Improvements of 2017 And Our 2018 Predictions

There’s no question that further trends will come out next year and that 2018 will prove to be an equally momentous year for home improvements. If you missed them, here is a recap of the most noticeable trends of 2017 and what we expect will be hot in 2018. 2017 This year’s most lusted after colour has undoubtedly been grey. It is everywhere at the moment and has been one… Read Article →

Home – Kitchen Renovation

Use shades of grey to up the elegance As many moviegoers likely know, there are at least 50 shades of grey in existence. However, we can take you beyond the hype of said movie and create a color palette using shades of grey that you’ll be excited about for years to come. Smart kitchens and appliances Technology is moving rapidly and in the direction of convenience and automation. We feel… Read Article →

Maximising Space in a Small Office

Working in a small work environment can often have its challenges. If your space is bursting at the seams then maybe it’s time to relocate or expand your space – especially if your business strategy is to grow your company. However, if your headcount hasn’t changed but you’re finding you’re tight for space then there are some simple changes you can make. Often you have the space, you just need… Read Article →

Surprising Home Office Ideas

Room With a View There’s no reason a little sunlight should cramp your decorating style. Set a desk and chair in front of a window and fill an empty corner with a tall bookcase. Keep the furniture in sync with the existing pieces (here, it’s white lacquer) so it blends seamlessly with the entire look. Double-Duty Decorating Despite what you may think, working at a traditional desk will not make… Read Article →

Ideas for Your Industrial Office Design

Today’s industrial office design workplaces are more visually appealing, functional, and open than ever before. But in a world of cookie-cutter cubical designs, how did the industrial office aesthetic rise to prominence among leading companies like Twitter, Google, Redbull, and Capital One? The surprising answer: an art movement in post-World War II New York set the stage for a new approach to workplace design that influences how we work today… Read Article →

The Hardest Parts About Living Plastic-Free

  If living with less plastic was easy, everyone would be doing it. We all know on an intellectual level that plastic is harming the environment, but it’s so prolific in our lives that replacing it can be tough. While we want everyone reading this to make the shift to living with less plastic, we also want to be as honest as possible about what living this lifestyle is like…. Read Article →

5 Natural Materials in Home Building

Fiber Cement Siding   Fiber cement siding is the building material of choice for new construction homes, and it’s a great way to give your home a new look with materials that are designed for the modern world but give your home a classic charm that will instantly make your house feel more like a home. Fiber cement siding gives you the look of beautiful wood without the risks of warping,… Read Article →

Green Living: Scrap lumber gets new life

Scope your favourite coffee shop or microbrewery or your hipster bud’s Main Street loft, and you’ll find that, when it comes to interiors, reclaimed wood has long been a thing. But the organic material doesn’t just look great: it’s also an ingenious way to prevent perfectly good lumber from rotting away in landfills. That’s the thinking behind the Wood Shop, a Vancouver-based startup that sees reclaimed timber as more of a… Read Article →